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Major Functional Area

  • Designing of training programs according to annual training program, creation of a reserve of resource persons, organization of training programs and implementation of them.
  • Obtaining approval of the Management Services Department for creation of new posts and filling vacancies under the total approved cadre for the Uva Provincial Public service, reference of papers to the Provincial Public Service Commission for recruitment of person, after receiving the approval for filling vacancies, and granting approval to fill vacancies under the Management Services Circular Nos. 36 and 36(i)
  • Granting leave for short term and long term training courses abroad and for private foreign trips approval of allowances for participating in foreign training programs.
  • Coordination with the respective ministries and the Public Service Commission when disciplinary action is taken against officers of the islandwide services.
  • Taking disciplinary action against Provincial Public Service Officer as authorized by Hon. Governor, forwarding appeals to the Commission and to Hon. Governor, and handling preliminary investigations.
  • Coordination work with Attorney General Ombutsman, Human Rights Commission, Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruptions. 
  • Distribution of forms to institutions under the Provincial Council, Uva; preservation of circulars relating to Uva Provincial Public Service.
  • Assisting the computerization of public institutions and coordination of such work in collaboration with the Institute of Communication and Technology Agency.
  • Preparation of Register of Trainees training for 06 months at the Uva Provincial Council Institutions, supervision of Training Programs .
  • Preparation of Performance Report of the Provincial Council, Uva.
  • By the Account Section - inviting quotations for purchasing goods, purchasing, payment of salaries, Work on Surrey of Stores, Collection of funds, all account Work, agreement entered service, maintenance of stationery stores, granting property loan for officers, Housing loans, Vehicle loans, distress loans, granting imprest for training programs, payment work, repairs to vehicles and their maintenance etc. 
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